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Manage, edit and share your photos with ease

Everything you need to manage your photos Picasa is an indispensable piece of software for photography fans, and functions in a number of different ways – as a cataloguer and viewer, as an editor and as...
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  • Amy Sifuma

    by Amy Sifuma

    I have used Picasa for over 5 years and love it! I wish Google would continue supporting it.

  • Senem Aygül

    by Senem Aygül

    Facebook'te fotoğraf yükleme ve paylaşmanın. en kısa ve kolay yoludur.

  • Bob Miller

    by Bob Miller

    It is easy to use. That is one of the best feature of Picasa! Even my Mom used it and she just turned 100.

  • Mervin Clark

    by Mervin Clark

    Amazing best ever way to store and view photos Easy to use an high quality effects

  • suresh6367kn

    by suresh6367kn


  • Mwango Kondolo

    by Mwango Kondolo

    I really love it for looking at pics as my default viewer and simple edits.

  • Samantha Dissanayake

    by Samantha Dissanayake

    best of best, it is easy, reliable and fantastic even without proper knowledge of photo handling , picasa provide great flat foam

  • Pantcho Evstatiev

    by Pantcho Evstatiev

    superrrr, very good..

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    easy operation for users.. Really good photo management, easy and quick for a beginner. Pros: Clear and simplicity.

  • by Anonymous

    I have had my Picasa for many years and would like it on my chrome book. I click on 'download ' after 'download' and it goes from page to page but will not download. I have an Acer Chromebook.

  • by Anonymous

    Great program for storing as well as editing my photos.. Great program for storing as well as editing my photos. I've used Picasa for years and have always been happy with it. It offers so many options. Great job Google! Pros: Ability to crop. Cons: Better way to erase someone you don't want in a photo.

  • by Anonymous

    Great assist for photographers of any level. Wonderful organizer interface... great, fast-launching viewer...non-destructive way to do all the basic edits. Also interfaces perfectly with Photoshop. Would be totally confused about my file collection by now without it. Pros: Ease. interface

  • by Anonymous

    The best . The best application for photo and video. Easy to edit and save. Enough space and user friendly.

  • by Anonymous

    please help. well i loved it but uninstalled it accidentally and now cant reinstall. Pros: and it is free

  • by Anonymous

    Do not download this software . Stay away from this software. After uploading some images to the web, something I did not want to do, I found them being used by someone else on their website. You are much better off with buying an editing software so you images can remain on your computer.

  • by Anonymous

    brililant even for a non teci like me. I have always found picasa clear and simple to use and very effective

  • by Anonymous

    brililant even for a non teci like me. I have always found picasa clear and simple to use and very effective. Pros: clear and simple. Cons: nothing I need

  • by Anonymous

    What's not to like. I love the simplicity and speed. Especially compared with Photoshop. Pros: Simplicity Speed Results. Cons: OBJECT SELECTION, deletion and transposing from one image to another.

  • by Anonymous

    Its an AWESOME easy to use software to simply and easily edit your photos!!. Its an AWESOME easy to use software to simply and easily edit your photos any way to want with the option to back them up to your google account and connect with the pictures on your google. BEST PROGRAM EVER!!!!!! Pros: Easy program. Links to my google Pictures. Cons: Make it work with windows 8 better

  • by Anonymous

    Corrtion at its finest!. 3 days ago I lost my pictures! They sent me a notice I had 167 hrs to pay $700. to unlock the program or lose my pictures! If not paid by the time limit then $1400. . This is put out by Google?

  • by Anonymous

    offline application. is it online application? all i need is offline application because i have no internet at my home.

  • by Anonymous

    very best app. i love this app this is very amazing appp we can do every thing with this ppp on photos mast bilkul

  • by Anonymous

    Must have photo viewer. Nice photo editor and viewer with excellent grphics and smoother interface. Extremly faster than many other photo viewers. Pros: Smooth performance. User Friendly Interface. Comes with a bunch of google tools. Excellents graphics. Esay to use. Cons: Hardly any

  • by Anonymous

    Very limited functionality & many colours missing from colour palette. It is very limited - colour palette is missing plenty of vibrant/bright colours. Can't resize images & move them around within their positions in the collage. Wish there was an InstaFrame for Windows PC or some other photo collage creator that is far better than Picasa. Cons: many colours missing from colour pallettMore

  • by Anonymous

    Brilliant Software that systematize the solution with ease. It is so goooooood!to import and upload images to google with ease. Pros: Importing. uploading. Cons: It doesnot upload directly to google images. It uploads after a few minutes not suddenly

  • by Anonymous

    Beware of!. Picasa is fine, but this site loads which you don't want. I'll make sure never to use it again!

  • by Anonymous

    not done yet. in time i will tell. do i have to ? In time I will know more. Please let me see first how it works.

  • by Anonymous

    If you want support use another product. . If you want support use another product. Picasa for Mac no longer auto updates or auto rotates images on import. Google (Picasa) have dropped the ball and don't care.

  • by Anonymous

    Nice, but not cross-platform. It's my favourite cloud photo service, and the client is great. For my tablet, though, I'm using PicasaRT (Windows 8) - . Pros: Usability. Cons: Windows 8 compatability

  • by Anonymous

    fair to good. it will be good when i can get it going download it was so slow