Labeling your photos in Picasa

Cyril Roger

Picasa is our favorite photo album manager, because it’s free and incredibly intuitive.The first time you launch it, it’ll scan your PC for all available pictures and organize them by folders. When you connect a digital camera it’ll recognize it and allow you to create a new album inserting date, location and adding a small description. The chronological structure in Picasa is a good way to keep your collection organized, but better yet, we encourage using labels. Just right click on one photo or a selection and choose “create new label”.

They work like tags so you can add an infinite number of labels, like “camping”, “school”, “friends”, “party” and create specific albums. And if you’re registered on Hello, you can send an album to friends in just a few clicks. Take the time to label all those photos, it’ll give you all sorts of original photo albums.

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