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How to manage your photos in Picasa

Cyril Roger


Google PicasaWhen Google created Picasa, just like for everything else they’ve built, they focused on making it simple to use, from organizing your pictures, to editing them or exporting to another medium. That’s why you can add labels to them, star your favorites, organize them by date and quickly edit them. Picasa also is very good at searching for and integrating new pictures. No more digging around in your folders to find where you’ve left those birthday pics. The only step that’s really missing is for Google to launch Picasa on Mac. But that’s another story.

Anyway, even though Picasa is a highly intuitive application, like with any Google tool, there are ways to improve your workflow with it. Makeuseof list up 10 very good tips on how to manage your photos in Picasa. These go from geotagging to batch editing, publishing to your blog, making a gift CD or, and this goes for any Google user, learning and using hotkeys (for which Google have a full list available).

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