Add customized buttons to Picasa

Elena Santos


Picasa customized buttonsThe more I use Picasa, the more I like this great photo viewer and editor from Google. And now I just learned that you can make it even more yours by adding customized buttons to its interface. With these buttons you can open your photos in another graphic tool for further editing or upload them straight away to your blog or your favorite online photo manager.

This customization however requires certain programming abilities, as it works with the so called Google APIs. There are currently two different APIs available for Picasa: Picasa Button API and Picasa Web Uploader API. Provided you have the necessary coding knowledge – or just feel like testing them by yourself – these APIs enable you to create personalized buttons for Picasa’s interface that let you make use of third party apps, both offline and online.

If you’re ready to take the challenge, here’s all the information you need, including tutorials, example files and videos. Those of you who aren’t convinced yet, have a look at this Photoshop customized button (this link requires Picasa to open) created by Michael Herf with the Picasa APIs. It’ll add a new button to the Picasa interface from which you’ll be able to open the selected images right in Photoshop CS3.

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